Selling Your Home

There are many reasons for selling your home:  
  • Desire for more space
  • Downsizing
  • Change of family circumstances
  • Financial reasons: Cashing out or avoiding foreclosure
  • Pending relocation
Whatever your circumstances, two desires are paramount -- to sell in the shortest time possible and to sell at the highest price. In order to accomplish these equally important goals, there are some guiding principles.

Set the Right Listing Price

Although it can be tempting to "test the market" by setting a high asking price, it is not the most effective strategy, especially in a volatile market like Las Vegas. Potential buyers are far more likely to shop for homes that are priced reasonably in relation to the "comps," homes of similar size, age and amenities in the same or a similar neighborhood.

Don't forget that most sales begin online; potential buyers can, with a simple click, navigate away from a specific listing in favor of another that has a more realistic price, more appealing photographs or a more complete description. You want to generate showings in order to prompt offers.

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Statistics reflect an increase in sales prices over the last several months, but you must consider "Sold" numbers for the past year in relation to "Days on Market" to determine your initial listing price. Additional information to have in your arsenal is the relationship between listing price and selling price, and complete details on current listings.

Setting a listing price is not an exact science, but by arming yourself with the facts, you can make an informed decision and increase your odds for a quick sale.

Prepare the Property Well

As soon as you consider selling your home, look at it with a critical eye. Remember that the first view most prospective buyers will have is through an online photo, so you might want to browse online listings as well.
Consider Curb Appeal: Are the front walk and entry door appropriate and inviting? Is landscaping well-maintained? Does the lighting work and is it adequate? Is all paint, trim and decorative hardware fresh, shiny and in good repair?

As you move to the interior, remember that your goal is to showcase the home's features, not your decor. Now is the time to pare down on personal belongings and emphasize the space and features of the home itself. Catch up on any deferred maintenance. Replace burned out light bulbs; repair any trim, caulk, flooring or counters that are damaged or worn. Shampoo carpeting. Wash windows and window. treatments. Open blinds to let in natural light. This is probably not the time to begin major DIY projects.

While it is on the market, maintain your home and yard in show-ready condition at all times. Keep it scrupulously clean, and minimize the presence of pets. Always leave the home, and take your pets with you when a showing is scheduled.

Work with a Professional

Enlist the aid of an experienced real estate professional who will actively market the listing. Ask questions to ensure compatibility, and have realistic expectations.

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